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Why should children learn a second language?
  • Giving a child the gift of foreign language at a young age brings life-long benefits which extend far beyond the realm of language learning itself.²
  • Young children who are exposed to foreign language have the natural ability to string words together and pronounce them authentically from simply absorbing the spoken language.²
  • Children are at an ideal age to gain proficiency in a foreign language because it is taught in a fun and stimulating environment.²
  • Studies show that students who learn a foreign language before puberty are more likely to achieve native-like pronunciation than those who pick it up later in life... the more time students spend in the target language (immersed), the more proficient they become.¹
  • For more information on this topic, see the Center for Applied Linguistic (CAL) article, Benefits of Being Bilingual.

Why should children learn language with an immersion program?

  • While learning a second language, the children are also becoming aware of other cultures and countries of the Spanish-speaking world.
  • Many parents at Mis Amigos Spanish Immersion are delighted at hearing their children sing songs using Spanish words and realize that true comprehension is taking place!
  • “Immersion education is by far the best type of program in the U.S. for children to learn a foreign language,” says Nancy Rhodes, director of foreign-language education at the Center for Applied Linguistics in Washington, D.C.¹
  • For more information on this topic, see the Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (CARLA) FAQ about Immersion Education.

Excerpts from The Wall Street Journal, Thursday, April 1, 2004¹ and “Opening the World to Children Through Second Language Learning”²


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