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We consider it a privilege to join your child on their education journey each day. And every day is a different version of fun. We’re learning together while we sing, dance, create, and more. We’re developing our friendship skills, fine-tuning fine motor skills, working our funny bones, opening our eyes to new experiences, growing our understanding of other cultures & each other, and stretching our brains in new & numerous ways. Our school feels like family and that begins with our staff who are well-trained, experienced educators and good-hearted people.

We have three locations to serve your family. Whether you are in St. Paul, Minneapolis, or the Western Suburbs, there is a Mis Amigos close by. We use the same curriculum, exclusively developed by the Mis Amigos staff, at each location.

We offer education opportunities and daycare for children ages 6 weeks to entering kindergarten. Mis Amigos offers extended day childcare (7AM – 6PM) as well as full-day (9AM – 3:30PM) preschool.

  • "It has, hands down, been the best experience we have had with daycare/preschool, and between 2 kids and having lived in 3 different states, we have experienced quite a few..." Doreian F.
  • "It was amazing how quickly our daughter adapted to the Spanish immersion environment (we do not speak Spanish at home). We are thankful to be a part of the Mis Amigos family." Elizabeth J.
  • "They have a huge playground and a gym. You can make projects! Spanish is fun!" Cameron, age 5
  • "Their teachers welcome them with open arms and lots of love and hugs…it is truly like a family. I trust Mis Amigos completely." Alice V.
  • "Mis Amigos fully prepared her (our daughter) for the transition from preschool to Kinder and we are so grateful of them for their work in comforting her in her anxious times and preparing her for further immersion." Tony G.
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Our Mission: Giving Children the World

We are on a mission to make the world smaller one child at a time. It might sound like a lofty goal but we believe that by teaching a child another language and culture, we open his or her eyes to the world around them. We learn ways we are different and ways we are the same. We start to understand each other a little bit more.

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Preschool & Childcare Programs

We offer education opportunities for children ages 6 weeks to entering kindergarten depending on the location. Mis Amigos offers full-day (9 AM-3:30 PM) preschool as well as extended day childcare (7 AM-6 PM) for preschool, toddlers and infants.


"Children ages 33 months to entering kindergarten"

Learn through play with a variety of songs, games and activities as well as storytime, art and our weekly music class. Strong focus on Kindergarten preparation while experiencing the brain-opening power of foreign language immersion makes Mis Amigos a perfect choice for your child’s preschool education journey. And don’t forget the friendship making, independence building, funny bone tickling, and field trips, too! And it just happens to all be done in Spanish!

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"Children ages 16 to 32 months"

Your child will love the enriched experience of Spanish immersion. Their brains get nourished & stretched in all kinds of ways in a nurturing environment just right for their age & development. Imaginative play & creativity, music, independence building, and fine motor skill activities are part of every day’s fun. Your toddler’s time at Mis Amigos Spanish Immersion Preschool is filled with all kinds of play--singing, dancing, running, jumping, & art--and of course, language development.

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"Children ages 6 weeks to 15 months"

Why wait for preschool to give your child the gift of another language? Our infant classroom, for ages 6 weeks to 15 months, offers the same benefits of immersion while giving your baby all of the nurturing support and attention they need at this early age. Our infants receive the same creative, engaging educational opportunities as our older students with themes for each day and week, just designed for their age and developmental level.

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What Is Immersion and Why Is It So Beneficial for Young Children?

Immersion is a way of teaching a foreign language where that language is the only one used in classroom instruction. Instead of memorizing words, children absorb the language. We believe an immersion education is a gift that you give to your children. We see every day what research has proven—when your child is privy to language immersion, their brains are stretched in new and numerous ways. Studies indicate that language immersion has a positive effect on intellectual growth and enriches and enhances a child's mental development.

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