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The Benefits of Reading

Let’s talk about everything books and reading!  Do you spend time reading to your kids? Have you integrated reading into your daily routine whether it’s during quiet time or before going to bed? I’m sure you have a pile of children’s books; maybe some books have been destroyed through rough play and others have the … Continue reading

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El Día de Los Reyes

El Día de Los Reyes  When most of the world has finished celebrating Christmas and it feels like the holiday season has come to an end, much of Latin America is still waiting in anticipation for El Día de Los Reyes, celebrated on January 6th.  This holiday marks the end of the 12 days of … Continue reading

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Sensory Play

Sensory Play  You are probably familiar with the term sensory play. We talk about it here at Mis Amigos as it’s an integral part of our day as we connect playing and learning. Sensory play often comes up when we’re looking for what new toy to buy or looking on Pinterest for a fun activity … Continue reading

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Winter Fun in the Twin Cities

Winter is here! Winter doesn’t really feel like it’s in full swing until we get a good snowfall, and this year that snowfall welcomed itself just in time for Thanksgiving. The days are cold, but the snow piles outside make it fun to get outside and play.  Winter Activities in the Twin Cities When the … Continue reading

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Adjusting to Preschool

Starting preschool is no easy feat, for both children and their parents. A baby is with their parents for the majority of the day from the very first breath they take. Their parents are the center of their world and the people who respond to their every need. No one can replace mom or dad.  … Continue reading

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