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Adjusting to Preschool

Starting preschool is no easy feat, for both children and their parents. A baby is with their parents for the majority of the day from the very first breath they take. Their parents are the center of their world and the people who respond to their every need. No one can replace mom or dad.  … Continue reading

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Dia de los Muertos

This time of year we buy pumpkins, decorate our homes, offices, and schools with cobwebs and other scary objects and the amount of candy in our homes starts to quickly multiply. Some call this the start of the holiday season – one holiday after the next. And while many people are celebrating Halloween, we take … Continue reading

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Are We There Yet?

Near or Far  Near and far. Two short simple adjectives which in Spanish translate to “cerca” and “lejos”. However, what is exciting about teaching these words to young learners, is that you get to discover a little bit of what their world looks like.  When we talk about distance, everything is relative. There is the … Continue reading

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Children and Emotions

The very first emotions we learn to recognize are happy and sad – feliz and triste. It’s easy to quickly identify when a little baby is happy, those big toothless smiles make us melt. We just as easily also recognize when babies aren’t so happy, as they communicate with cries and wails that demand our … Continue reading

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The Spanish Speaking World

I bet it wouldn’t take you very long to think of at least 10 Spanish words you know off the top of your head. Did you try? Using Spanish in everyday speech with friends is common and is often used to keep conversation light-hearted, (hasta luego chico!) not to mention a love for Mexican food … Continue reading

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