Día del Amor y la Amistad

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Amame cuando menos lo merezca, por que sera cuando mas lo necesite.

Valentines Day! That mushy-gushy holiday that sometimes brings feelings of bitterness but can also be an excuse to make cute heart-shaped treats and splurge on the dollar section at Target. We’re making February 14th a day to celebrate friendship. Any day is a good day to tell the people close to us that we love them. 

We often refer to this holiday as a Hallmark holiday, because of all the cards and flowers that are gifted, and the history of its origins aren’t well known. We do know that in the 3rd Century AD, the Roman Emperor Claudius II killed two men who were both called Valentino on February 14th, but in different years. Valentino would later become a Christian martyr. Later on, Shakespear and Chaucer helped make this holiday more about love as it was romanticized in their literary works. 

In Latin America, there are different ways to say Valentine’s Day and each country celebrates this day a little differently. In Guatemala, February 14th is Día del Cariño and people show affection not only to their loved ones but also to friends and co-workers. In Argentina, they celebrate El Día de Los Enamorados and lots of gifts are given to show your affection. In Peru, instead of giving roses or chocolates, orchids are the flower of choice to demonstrate your love. However, there are some countries where they celebrate love in September such as  Bolivia and Colombia. 

dia del amor

There are lots of fun activities you can do at home together to share and spread some of the love around. If you’re looking to get out of the house, why not make a stop at your favorite place to get an ice cream and share a double scoop? If you usually get a morning coffee at your local coffee shop, why not go in the afternoon and drink hot chocolate together? You can go on a special outing this week for a special treat or just to spend some quality time together just to say “I love you” or show your love. 

If you want to do something more crafty and get outside of the house there are a few craft opportunities. You can stop at the Pearl Rec Center in Minneapolis for a Valentine Craft and Storytelling evening on February 12th. St. Paul also has a Valentine Craft evening at Hazel Rec Center. If you’re more adventurous you can make candy bouquets and cookies! The Saint Paul Parks and Recreation website has lots of fun ideas you can do this week, take a look! 

You can also bring the arts and crafts right into your own home without having to stop at the craft store. Cut out paper hearts and color them to give to friends and family. Make homemade cards and decorate them. Cut your strawberries into heart shapes and put them on toast or cereal. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but small gestures of kindness can go a long way. 

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