Executive Team

dawn uribe

Dawn Uribe CEO/Owner
2021 Owner of the Year, The Child Care Success Summit™
Listen to Dawn’s story on Episode 34 of Child Care Rockstar Radio podcast in January 2019.

I grew up in Indiana and have always been fascinated by other cultures. My first Spanish class was my Freshman year of high school and I fell in love with both the language and the culture of Latin America. I have been a part of Mis Amigos Spanish Immersion Preschool since 2004 when my oldest child attended the Hopkins location. I love meeting people from all over the world and learning about their culture. So, in the summer of 2005, when the founders of the school decided to move on, it seemed like a perfect fit for me to become the owner and Executive Director.

I take great pride in the school that Mis Amigos is today. It’s a warm, nurturing environment—for both the children and the staff. Our staff are closely-bonded and that deep feeling of friendship– of family, really–permeates through everything we do, influencing the backdrop of the school and encouraging a feeling of a school family. Every day truly is a delight and a privilege for me. I get to work with dedicated, talented educators and also get to witness children growing in so many different ways. I especially LOVE seeing little kids speak another language—it’s such a gift!

lori semke

Lori Semke Chief Operating Officer
2019 Director of the Year, The Child Care Success Summit™

I have been Executive Director at Mis Amigos since 2012 and I feel so blessed to have found this position at this wonderful school. I worked for 12 years in the legal field before coming to Mis Amigos. I spent 9 years as a litigator in a law firm followed by three years at the Children’s Law Center of Minnesota, where I advocated for children in the foster care system.

After being able to dedicate my skills to helping kids in need, it was very apparent that I had a passion for child advocacy. As I considered the next steps of my career, I wanted to be sure it was doing something where I could continue making the world a better place for children. And I found that opportunity at Mis Amigos.

Every day, I get to be a part of our students’ education journeys as well as witness to their marvelous growth & development. Hearing their laughter bounce through the halls is a bonus! I am constantly energized by the joy I see on children’s faces and by the love and commitment our teachers give to their students. Mis Amigos is a wonderful place and it is so rewarding for me to be able to help the school grow and thrive!

Mayra Flodstrom

Mayra Flodstrom Director of Curriculum and Music
I grew up in Guadalajara, Mexico. My childhood was filled with love, imagination, creativity, music and I always was interested in the little ones around me. I was always doing shows and performances with all the children in my family. My mom inspired me to love people and see the best in them. She taught me how to make people happy by telling stories – she was the best storyteller I have ever heard! I received my early childhood education from Normal de Educadoras in 1994. In my first job in a rural school in Mexico, I had a classroom of 50 students just by myself! That first year I really discovered a very special love and passion that I have for children and how much fun we can have through music.

I found my happy place when I moved to the US and joined Mis Amigos in 2003. It has been a true blessing for me. I started as a teacher and then I developed a music program and curriculum that we are still using today! Every day I get to be part of this wonderful community and I’m excited to keep touching the lives of the kids, their families and the staff as long as I can. My dream is that every child learns through play and music in an environment full of love, imagination and creativity. I want to continue in this journey by supporting our teachers and helping them see why Mis Amigos is such a special place to belong.

little kid learning how to read