• "Since day one, Mis Amigos gave me a sense of belonging. I love coming to work with great people who treat you like family." Lilia G.
  • "Every day I see teaching staff who are passionate about creating an enriching environment where each child can succeed and enjoy learning." Lori S.
  • "Working at Mis Amigos is one of the most beautiful experiences that has happened to me. It doesn't even feel like work--it feels like home. Mis Amigos has an environment of trust & respect thanks to a great work team. The best part is to see how children fill every day with joy--in the classrooms and hearts of everyone." Mirna R.

Careers – Empleo

Mis Amigos is a great place to work for so many reasons. Our school feels like a family because it starts with the staff. Our staff are a closely-bonded group of great educators who are loving, caring people. We are locally-owned and operated, socially-conscious and environmentally-responsible. Our staff & school environments are ethical, responsible, and professional. We understand the importance of a living wage. We want to be a voice for children and are looking for opportunities to do so.


Some of our benefits include:

  • Generous salary – Our employee minimum wage is $15/hour increasing with qualification and role.
  • Bonuses for completing school year and demonstrating core values
  • Paid time off (2 weeks/year) and 7 paid holidays
  • Up to 5 days vacation bonus for perfect attendance
  • Lunch and snacks provided (eat with the kids!)
  • Childcare & Preschool tuition discount
  • Investment plan with 3% employer match
  • 50% healthcare premium paid and HSA
  • Paid training program to become a qualified preschool teacher in less than 1 year!
  • Leadership opportunities – We love to see our employees grow professionally! All of directors started as classroom aides.

Job Openings