Tuition Assistance

State Early Learning Scholarship

ThinkSmall administers a state scholarship program (need-based). If you qualify, you can receive up to $7,500/year to pay for high-quality early care and education. Mis Amigos has a 4-star rating and is eligble to receive the highest scholarship amounts.

State Scholarship

Childcare Assistance

Counties are able to provide some assistance to pay for childcare based on your income and size. To find out if your familiy is eligible, please visit the website for the county where you live.

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Early Childhood Screening

It’s important to have children screened at an early age. In case there are any developmental concerns, they can be addressed before the child starts school. It is recommended to get screen shortly after your child turns 3. It is state law that all children must be screened before entering kindergarten. Please contact the school district where you live.

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Spanish Immersion Elementary Schools

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